What’s in a Name?

The only other fashion accessory that screams “I’m a fucking asshole” louder than fake dreads are gold teeth grills.

After a thorough investigation, yours truly has determined that no other company is using the name “Black Sunshine Media.” However, it has come to my attention that in addition to being the title of a White Zombie song, an Australian clothing line, a retail shop on the Isle of Wight (which sells fake dreadlock extensions, among other ridiculous items [see photo]), there is a rock band (which sounds strikingly similar to Nickelback, and I promise this will be the only time either of those two bands are mentioned on this website) fronted by former extreme skier Matt Reardon, using the Black Sunshine moniker. That’s fine with me. If anybody wants to start some trouble, I’ll slap a “Ltd.” at the end of it and have a nice day.

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