The Study of Rock

Petrology 101: Red Fang

Welcome to Petrology 101, the study of all things rock with Professor Noel Bancredi. [EDITOR’S NOTE: Noel Bancredi is a pseudonym for Christian Adams. Don’t ask.]

Today’s session features a band hailing from Portland, OR, which goes by the name of Red Fang. Maybe you’ve heard of them? Or seen one of their genius videos on YouTube?

According to Wikipedia, Red Fang is classified as “stoner rock” and while they definitely have some Kyuss and Sleep influence, the tag is misleading. Professor Bancredi is of the impression that these cats have a bit more on the ball than the average bongloader. There are two indisputable truths about Red Fang. (1) They rock really fucking hard and (2) they have a great sense of humor.

What you need to know about Red Fang for the final exam can be found on their website. However, while we’re here, let’s watch a couple of their videos. Take notes if you wish.

Special thanks to Craig Stevenson at Club 141 for turning BSM on to this band.

By Noel Bancredi

A delightfully good time!

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