Adrian S: Divine Providentia 03

ClubIn the latest from his personal blog, Adrien celebrates Halloween by performing his DJ set in drag.  Divine Providentia 03 is a thoughtful and deeply personal account of events leading up to the event and the fallout thereafter.

To be honest, I was a little nervous about dressing in drag. Up until that point, I had always striven to dress in scary costumes for Halloween. I did so because I felt that it was truer to the original pagan meaning of Halloween, i.e. dressing up to scare the ghosts who come back from the other world on All Hallow’s Eve.
In a sense, though, dressing in drag could be even scarier than your average ghoul or vampire. In the “Religion and the Sexual Body” class that I had taken, I had learned all about gender theory, how gender is an act, and that people take these ‘roles’ very seriously. There was a gender theory scholar, Judith Butler I think, who gave the example that when you go to a cabaret, and a man is dressed in drag, it is easy to look up on the stage and laugh. But when you are on the bus and a man in drag sits next to you (and smiles), it suddenly impinges on some boundaries.

READ THE FULL STORY HERE: Divine Providentia 03

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