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Bob and Ron’s Record Club Radio Archive – Episode 76

Episode 76 is so good there’s not that much to say about it except LISTEN TO IT RIGHT NOW.

Love 7Mainly dedicated to Love and Arthur Lee (who had just passed away), the show also features mind-bending tracks from 10cc, Caravan, Teenage Opera, Manassas, Gandalf, Tomorrow, Potter St. Cloud and of course, Humble Pie. There are shout-outs to loyal fans, [G.W. Douglas and Lisa], call-ins from Plumber Tim, Tweeter, Frost, Aaron from Disco Biscuits; a story about a food hoarding taxi driver; and running theme of songs that sound like Deep Purple’s “Woman From Tokyo.”

Among several “firsts” for the Record Club: a track from Steve Miller’s Book of Dreams,  and an absence of the Grateful Dead, which loyal and keen listeners should be aware, almost always comes near the end of the show—but not this time.

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