The Takeaway

The Takeaway: Go Be Fat On Someone Else’s Time

RollinsWelcome to our new feature, The Takeaway, where we spend part of the day perusing the web for something worth reading, watching, or talking about. Today’s topic comes courtesy of an article by a BuzzFeed Contributor Maggie Serota entitled “How A Teen Feminist Fell In Love With Henry Rollins” which really isn’t all that interesting as a whole, but it opened the can of worms named Henry Rollins.

You know him, you either hate him, love him, or have no feelings about him one way or the other (something like indifference crossed with ambivalence) but the one thing about Henry Rollins you cannot deny is the self-importance of his existence. Now, as for moi, I used to love Black Flag and I thought Rollins Band was pretty good whenever Henry wasn’t singing, i.e. those cats could play. As for his “spoken word” stuff, well, it’s more or less a stand-up routine minus the humor and I can take it or leave it, but mostly leave it. I literally just watched a 20-minute segment of him telling a story about trying to “out do” Iggy Pop and at the end I thought, “I can’t believe I just wasted 20 minutes of my life on that.”

Anyway, with an outspoken guy like Henry Rollins, you’re bound to come across some true gems. And this is what The Takeaway is all about. You already know he supports gay marriage and abhors racism. Those are givens.  But here are some clips which highlight some stuff you probably didn’t know about him.

Henry Rollins despises Morrissey and thinks the British are inherently stupid.

Henry Rollins cares about sports.

Henry Rollins hates U2 – no footage of him speaking but the included images are HILARIOUS! Bonus: he’s saying this while in Dublin.

Henry Rollins’ stand-up routine makes Dane Cook sound like Woody Allen.

Henry Rollins sees himself as sort of a mentor to Carrot Top.

And finally, The Takeaway, which comes at the end of this 30-second clip. Wait for it.


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