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Robert Plant Didn’t Ruin It For Anyone | Black Sunshine Media

Robert Plant Didn’t Ruin It For Anyone | An excerpt from A Musical Education: Stories in the Key of All Right

Some of you may have come across this story before. It’s a true tale of meeting perhaps the biggest and most influential rock stars of all-time, Robert Plant. Click on the above link to read it. Here’s a taste:

You go to any bar, club, or even the local library, and ask someone, “Hey, do you like Led Zeppelin?” and your responses may run the gamut from: “They’re the greatest rock band of all-time” to my personal favorite, usually uttered by a younger female: “Yeah, he’s OK”, but nobody says: “They suck and I f-ing despise them.” I may have met a few people in my life who didn’t like Led Zeppelin, but I can’t remember them precisely because they admitted to it. Thank you all for sparing me the trouble of getting to know you and finding out later that you are a bunch of complete jackasses. You cannot like rock music and not like Led Zeppelin. It’s like saying you don’t like the taste of fresh, clean water. They are rock music.


By Christian Adams

Writer and musician in South East Asia

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