WTF is Going On Over There, Mr. Sunshine?

Aztec Pics and Video 056Hey, it’s Christian, er, Mr. Sunshine, if you will. WTF is going on over here, you ask? Yes, we’ve been off the grid for nearly a month. What gives?

First of all, I’ve more or less put the site on hiatus while I finish working on the Aztec Hearts record, which has taken up considerably more time and energy than I expected or calculated. Running parallel to that theme is the fact that I have very little creative juice left over for writing—that is, writing stuff that would wind up here. At some point in everything I do, I’ve got to step back and gain some perspective, as well as replenish the reservoir of juice.

Second, I’ve taken some of this time to re-evaluate what I’m doing with the site. Please read the next sentence carefully, maybe even repeat it to yourself. I am not complaining. While maintaining a website—which I’m sure some of you are saying, “Yeah, it’s a glorified blog, for chrissakes”—and running a “media company” are exceedingly time-consuming efforts, and the payoff is, erm, bupkis. We’re not selling anything, yet, and nobody put a gun to my head and said, “Do it.” However, after a while, it gets unbearably tedious to go through the ultimately futile motions of constantly coming up with stuff that isn’t cribbed from Dangerous Minds or VICE, which to my mind, would make this whole operation sort of redundant if not obsolete. Furthermore, as an author, it occurred to me that a shocking amount of my output is free, as in, just floating around in hyperspace. That’s fine, I mean, I never sit down to write and think, “I’m gonna get paid for this shit, baby”, but the fact is, I’ve got mouths to feed, cable bills to pay, and beers to drink.

Bob and RonMeanwhile, due to their insane schedules, Bob and Ron’s Record Club have also put it in neutral. They’ll be back, but like Mike Watt says, “No wine before its time. Some things just take a little longer.” Adam Baxter has a long-form story that may or may not be ready for publication, but he’s preparing to move his family back to Canada, so he’s got his hands full. Timogan is rocking his Taipei Scooter Style weblog. In short, everybody’s got stuff cookin’, and none of it is ready or intended to be served here. And you know what, despite not posting anything in May, it turned out to be a relatively active month in terms of traffic on the site, all things considered. In other words, it’s not the worst month we’ve had. It hasn’t been gangbusters, but it hasn’t been a dead zone, either.

Stories 2 CoverMoreover, I have yet again postponed the publication of a new book, A Musical Education: Stories in the Key of All Right. I have been tempted to post excerpts but go back and re-read the third paragraph. On a positive note, The Lazy Bastard Guide to Mandarin seems to be doing well (we’ve got 3,500 likes on Facebook), but I have no idea how many copies have been sold. Currently sitting in the BSM cue is Part 2 of the Bill Dolan Interview, as well as The Carol Kaye Files, the latter of which I just don’t have the overwhelming desire to get into right now. The Bill Dolan interview is still in transcription.

Having said all that, the AH record is coming along and I’m constantly amazed at how mutable the creative process can be, which, considering the fact that I’ve been writing songs for over 30 years now, is a feeling not unlike having money in the bank. Well, actually sometimes I’m completely frustrated by the whole fucking thing and every so often, stop and ask myself, “Why are you doing this again?” And there’s not even an answer, it’s just a realization: “This is what you do.” Musicians don’t retire, they just stop when there’s nothing left. At some point, I will have exhausted all the juice and go back to whatever I was doing before I was compelled to make another record.

The Inner Distance is not the record I set out to make; but it is. The changeable nature of creation is one of the true joys of any artistic undertaking. It’s a good thing I don’t paint portraits because I’m sure my subjects would be horrified with their resulting caricature. I’ll get into that a bit more with the next update, which is coming shortly.

Meanwhile, there are a few positive developments to be announced, which will be forthcoming ASAP. Thanks for stopping by. Don’t give up on me.


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