Back Into the Abyss

The quickest way into this requires an analogy. Returning to blog after a seven-month absence is like diving into a pool of cold water—and the internet is nothing if not an infinite sea of chilly vibes. So you can procrastinate all you want, but it isn’t going to change anything. The water is not going to get any warmer. You know it’s going to be unpleasant. You know it’s going to take time to get acclimated. You just…gotta…do it.

Fortunately, my return comes with purpose and content.

There is new music. Lots of it. First and foremost, I’m thrilled/devastated/bewildered to announce that the new Aztec Hearts record is finished.

Here it is. The record nobody has been waiting for.

Almost Cover 003 with logo no title
Aztec Hearts, In the Spirit of Almost (2014)

One year, one man, one microphone.

In the Spirit of Almost is Aztec Hearts’ third collection of deliciously weird and infectious micro-symphonies, and the first new music in five years. The 17-song playlist includes two covers and a remix of an older song, conjuring lost spirits of the past and emerging slightly worse for the wear, but sounding as radiant as ever.

To celebrate, Black Sunshine Media will be releasing two songs per week over the next two months. Each song comes with its own story, which range from “How-it-was-made?” type spiels to “Where-did-this-come-from?” explanations, and a bunch of other incidental madness.

Next, a series of unreleased Henry Miller Sextet recordings; two EPs (Metal Never Made a Friend, Vol. 2 and The Swan Song EP) and the tragically lost album, Achieve Through Failure. Basically, the second half of the band’s catalog.

And last but not least, there’s “new” stuff coming from Golden Tones. We’ll see and hear a collection of out-takes and rarities, Continuation of a Sunspot; plus, a mini-slideshow of the only existing photos from the recording sessions.lazy-bastard_book-cover_final_21

That’s it for music. On the literary front, there’s a daunting amount of material to deal with, and I’m sort of frozen in shock. So we’ll see what happens. No promises on that account. As far as I know, The Lazy Bastard Guide to Mandarin is still available on E-book and print-on-demand from the International Media Publishing Group. The collection of stories, A Musical Education, remains in publishing limbo, and I’m thinking about posting some of it here.

Oh yeah, I’ve designed a logo. It’s a work-in-progress. Eventually this whole program is going to migrate from WordBSM Logo v2 red 002press to a hosted domain. But I can’t afford to get ahead of myself. Anyway, thanks for taking the time to check me out again, and I hope you come back to hear the new stuff.


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