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Why Does September Suck So Bad?

big-star-september-gurls-staxBlanket apologies to readers with birthdays, anniversaries, and/or otherwise significant events which fall in the ninth month of the Gregorian calendar year, but September is by far the most bleak, hopeless, and depressing month of all.

Summer is over. We now stare headlong into the eve of autumn and the abyss of winter. It’s also back to school time, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing unless you’ve already got the whole “school thing” figured out.

Meanwhile, September’s music is almost always unpleasant.

September Morn – Neil Diamond

September – Earff, Winnin’ Fire-ah

Wake Me Up When September Ends – Green Day

Just kidding, I’d never link to a Green Day video.

September Song – Willie Nelson

Even one of the hottest Big Star songs, is kind of a bummer, especially if you’re a December boy.

Big Star – September Gurls

Here’s an ode to a brilliant woman we lost this month, Joan Rivers, interviewing one of my favorite people of all-time, David Lee Roth.


By Christian Adams

Writer and musician in South East Asia

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