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Golden Tones Are Back! Two Major Announcements

One of the most underrated and unappreciated independent progressive rock bands of the late 1990s is back on the scene with two exciting developments for old fans and future fans alike.

Golden Tones
L-to-R: Christian Adams, Matthew Tucker, Ronnie Kwasman

The Portable Thruster and Hyperspace Companion Kit is Now Available Online

For the first time, Golden Tones‘ legendary debut album, The Portable Thruster and Hyperspace Companion Kit (1998) is available for online streaming and purchase. As of November 1, 2021, the epic 34-song 2-CD set of can be found almost everywhere music is sold online, but especially here:

The Portable Thruster and Hyperspace Companion Kit (1998), self-released

Meanwhile, fans of the trio’s previous band, Whitey, will be stoked to know that How You Do (1995) is also available from the same vendors!

Whitey How You Do
Whitey, How You Do (1995), Crank Records

New Golden Tones Album Due in 2022!

Christian and Ronnie have been working on the long—we mean long—awaited follow-up to The Portable Thruster since late 2020, and they’re pleased to announce the pending release of their sophomore effort, Radiate Beyond the Sky.

Details are sparse but the pair revived their long-distance collaboration in October 2020. [Note: Adams now lives in Metro Manila, Philippines; Kwasman lives in Rogers Park, Chicago, IL].

Contrary to easy assumption, the new record is definitively NOT a ‘pandemic record’, says Adams via email.

“Most of the songs on [the new album] were written and recorded in 2018, when I was living in Taiwan. They were just demos—I write songs, that’s what I do—recorded on Garageband with a couple of good mics. But I didn’t have a band or a plan for releasing a solo album or anything.

Ronnie and I have been in constant communication since 2008, but we’re busy adults, you know? He’s been in Margot (and the Nuclear So n Sos) and playing with David (David Singer & the Sweet Science), plus doing his art director gig. It wasn’t until mid 2020 when Ronnie said, ‘Yo, I’ve got this sweet ProTools rig over here. If you’ve got anything you’d like to work on, send it to me.’ And so, I said, ‘Aw, man, I’m sitting on a mountain of songs that would be, could be, fucking should be Golden Tones songs!’ And Ronnie said, ‘Send them. Now!’

So, I sent him the demos for 40 songs and he picked his top 15–20 and we went from there.”

With Kwasman in the later stages of mixing and post-production, the new record is expected to be ready for an early 2020 release. “It’s not going to be a double album this time,” Kwasman said, “but every song is killer. It’s the best stuff we’ve ever done together.”


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