First Encounters With Mr. Jimi

Rock royalty meets Jimi Hendrix for the first time, in their own words. B.B. King and Buddy Guy – Of course you gotta start with these two cats. Frank Zappa – Coolest dude of all-time. Little Richard – From the 1973 rockumentary Let the Good Times Roll; the clip is must-see, the film not so […]


The Good News: Pink Floyd is Releasing a New Record – The Bad News: Pink Floyd is Still Making Music

Here’s my beef with megalithic rock corporations like Pink Floyd. They are absolutely filthy rich, yet they continue to churn out boxed-set after redundant boxed-set with the supposed bonus of unreleased demos that nobody was supposed to hear in the first place. And that’s exactly what the latest “new” Pink Floyd scam is all about. […]

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BSM Joints: Frank ‘n Hank – Low Budget Libations in Koreatown

As it were, I found myself with a night to kill in Los Angeles. A Google search for “dive bars in L.A.” turned up Frank ‘n Hank, a throwback, low-brow watering hole purportedly frequented by Charles Bukowski when the joint was run by its original owners: Frank the father, and Hank the son. And Koreatown […]

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The Takeaway Monday Morning Mood Reset: Bill Burr and the Philadelphia Incident [NSFW]

WARNING: The following video contains extreme profanity, includes graphic descriptions and vulgar representations that go beyond the pale of what is considered appropriate in public or even private discussion. It is also the funniest thing I have seen in at least a decade – since Chappelle’s Show went AWOL – and easily one of the […]


The Johnny Cash Show’s Top 20+ Guest Performances

A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned Johnny Cash as an example of the songwriter I didn’t want to emulate, and nobody said anything and that’s fine. I meant no disrespect. At all. In fact, he didn’t even write “A Boy Named Sue”; that was Shel Silverstein. There are few people who ever lived that […]

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40 Years of Brilliance: Genesis on The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway Complete Interviews

Like every genre of modern popular music, mid-1970s progressive rock has watermarks as well as washouts. Along with a handful of other records – for example, Yes’ Close to the Edge and King Crimson’s Lark’s Tongue in Aspic – Genesis’ The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway is quite possibly the most impressive and influential progressive […]


Cheesy Listening: Anyway, Here’s “Wonderwall”

It’s not insanely surprising that somehow this video and in fact The Mike Flowers Pops had escaped my attention. First of all, I am not a huge fan of Oasis, so I was never interested in hearing any more of their music than was required by law. Meanwhile, easy listening was never my thing – […]

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News, Info, Updates, Etc. | Aztec Hearts

Do you know why Ringo Starr had “blisters on his fingers”? I do. It’s because Paul McCartney learned to play drums, and Ringo hadn’t touched his kit in a long, long time. His callouses were history. Read the full update via News, Info, Updates, Etc. | Black Sunshine Media.

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Bob and Ron’s Record Club Radio Archive – Episode 82

At this point in the game, Bob and Ron have absolutely found their groove (pun intended), and you can not only see it in their choice of cuts but hear it in the on-air dialogue. Episode 82 has a couple of sub-themes running; it’s the end of summer, so of course, the kids are going […]

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The Takeaway: Go Be Fat On Someone Else’s Time

Welcome to our new feature, The Takeaway, where we spend part of the day perusing the web for something worth reading, watching, or talking about. Today’s topic comes courtesy of an article by a BuzzFeed Contributor Maggie Serota entitled “How A Teen Feminist Fell In Love With Henry Rollins” which really isn’t all that interesting as […]