Why Does September Suck So Bad?

Blanket apologies to readers with birthdays, anniversaries, and/or otherwise significant events which fall in the ninth month of the Gregorian calendar year, but September is by far the most bleak, hopeless, and depressing month of all. Summer is over. We now stare headlong into the eve of autumn and the abyss of winter. It’s also back to school time, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing … Continue reading Why Does September Suck So Bad?

Off Topic: Not Getting Enough Eno in Your Life?

Maybe this guy can help. Those of you who have perused The Pure Genius or Completely Retarded Slideshow will be familiar with the concept: some things just don’t translate very well. Attempts to meet standards of cross-cultural communication often result in vaguely amusing to downright offensive messages. Not so with today’s happy accident. Now if I may direct your attention to the right side, over … Continue reading Off Topic: Not Getting Enough Eno in Your Life?

Off Topic: The Dollars and Sense of Health Care

Day 5: Not a happy camper.

My extended visit to Taipei City Hospital Renai Branch in Taiwan, was the result of an “atypical infection of unknown origin,” and mercifully ended today (08/20/12), after six long days and five nights. Though the illness was never life-threatening, it continues to perplex the doctors, and this ordeal is far from over, albeit on an out-patient basis.

The U.S. health care debate has divided the country into roughly three segments. If you support the idea of nationalized health care, you’re branded a left-wing, anti-American socialist, standing hampton every time the “terrorists win.” If you oppose any idea of universal coverage, you’re called a right wing, uber-patriotic moron, riding shotgun with, well shit, your shotgun. The third segment of the population is floating aimlessly in the middle of this debate. Those of us who might think, “Hey, if Canada can pull it off, why can’t we?” but also remember that this is the U.S. government we’re talking about—the most corrupt organization in the First World—yeah, those fucking assholes, taking the reins of our collective well-being. I don’t know about you, but I don’t like the sound of that. Look what they’ve done to Amtrak.

No matter what your position in the matter, one thing we can all agree on this that health care in the U.S. is outrageously expensive. Like, stomach-turning. If God forbid something should happen and you do not have health insurance, you are fucked. F-U-C-K-E-D. If you should be lucky enough to have insurance, you’re not exactly off the hook, either. There are arm-and-leg premiums, deductibles, co-pay plans, and coverage limits. You will pay for it, one way or another. Continue reading “Off Topic: The Dollars and Sense of Health Care”