Van Halen on roller-skates

Van Halen’s Top 10 Under-Appreciated Songs

At this point in life, I don’t begrudge anybody’s appreciation of the Sammy Hagar-era albums. I don’t even care if you happen to love Van Halen III featuring Gary Cherone. Just don’t confuse that music with the true genius of Van Halen and The First Six Albums – which I’ll get to in a minute. In 2015, Rolling Stone ran a piece entitled 20 Insanely … Continue reading Van Halen’s Top 10 Under-Appreciated Songs

20/20: The End of the Power Pop Rainbow

I’ve been meaning to write something/anything about these 20/20 cats for at least two years; for whatever reason, they consistently fall through the cracks. Yet, this may be the most appropriate introduction for a band that went virtually unnoticed during its lifespan. I’m going to let Allmusic fill you in on the details, but 20/20 to me is a band that takes everything good about … Continue reading 20/20: The End of the Power Pop Rainbow

Petrology 101: Red Fang

Welcome to Petrology 101, the study of all things rock with Professor Noel Bancredi. [EDITOR’S NOTE: Noel Bancredi is a pseudonym for Christian Adams. Don’t ask.] Today’s session features a band hailing from Portland, OR, which goes by the name of Red Fang. Maybe you’ve heard of them? Or seen one of their genius videos on YouTube? According to Wikipedia, Red Fang is classified as … Continue reading Petrology 101: Red Fang