Hot n’ Fresh

Here’s what we have cookin’ –  to be served up in the near future. Audio As Bob of Bob and Ron’s Record Club wrote, “Everybody at some time looks at their [record collections] and says, ‘I don’t know what to play, I don’t want to listen to any of it.’” That’s no longer a problem, as Bob and Ron are never short of ideas; their … Continue reading Hot n’ Fresh

Taipei Scooter Style

Timogan’s new blog, Taipei Scooter Style, celebrating the culture of Taipei’s predominant form of transport — the scooter. Or as locals like to call them, “motorcycles”. The scooter is the go-to vehicle in Taipei, but it’s not just a transport tool. It’s a home-away-from-home, a seat that carries you where you want to go, a magic carpet that expresses your identity. Check out the first … Continue reading Taipei Scooter Style

Timogan’s 2012 Wall Lords Graffiti Battle

I spent so much time photographing the bicyclists and skateboarders at Taipei Cinema Park that I found out about a graffiti exhibition that was taking place there in early December. I was on my way to band practice the Sunday that the event was held, so I grabbed camera, video, and audio recorder and headed over to see what was up. The smell of spray … Continue reading Timogan’s 2012 Wall Lords Graffiti Battle