Bob and Ron’s Record Club

Bob and RonUnderground stream of consciousness radio. From prog to psych to bubblegum to pop. This is what radio used to be like in the late 1960s and early 70s. Or at least this is how Bob and Ron’s Record Club has envisioned it.

Bob and Ron’s Record Club was an FM radio program aired on WCKG-FM Chicago, between 2004-2006, hosted by life-long vinyl aficionados Bob and Ron. The show was based exclusively on vinyl long-playing albums (LPs) which were culled from their 10,000+ record collection(s). You heard some snaps, crackles, and pops, which is what happens when you listen to vinyl. It’s what Bob and Ron like to call “warmth.”

Ron in the studio
Ron in the studio

Unscripted and full of surprising twists and turns, the show was a refreshing change of pace from the prevailing “classic rock radio” of the day.  The duo made no effort to emulate professional radio jocks, in fact, by knowing intimate details about the music they played, Bob and Ron were light years ahead of their so-called professional peers. The authenticity of their passion for vinyl and rock music in general was infectious. However, their radio run was relatively short-lived, producing a little over 200 broadcasts before WCKG switched formats, pulling the plug on Bob and Ron’s Record Club.

Until now. The “definition of high radio” is back and they’re better than ever.

Turntable 2 Big StarBSM is home to the Bob and Ron Radio Archive only.

In 2013, Bob and Ron’s Record Club podcast debuted on the Steve Dahl Network.

Bob and Ron’s Record Club is now accepting new members. To become a member all you have to do is listen to the podcast. Simple. None of that creepy hazing crap. As a member, you will hear two stoned guys talk about their love of music and the beauty of vinyl records. They are not hoarders (sick), but rather collectors (classy). Collectors of the finest music ever committed to vinyl. Need recommendations on what music to seek out? This is the place for you.


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Hey Ed! Not sure if you’ll see this, but if you do follow us with your Twitter machine, if you have one. @bobNronsLPclub on Twitter It’s where Bob rebuts Ron’s outrageous statements on Facebook. -bob

In addition to Facebook, go to @bobNronsLPclub on Twitter from the Bob half of BRRC. It’s an imaginary show that never ends.

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