Bob and Ron’s Radio Archive

Bob and RonThe Bob and Ron Radio Archive features full-length shows from Bob and Ron’s WCKG days (with most on-air commercials edited out).

These episodes were hand-selected from the BRRC/WCKG archive by Bob and Ron; the track lists, album art, thematic synopsis, and relevant notations were compiled by BSM.

Radio Archive – Episode 43
Radio Archive – Episode 44
Radio Archive – Episode 47
Wall of records 3Radio Archive – Episode 48
Radio Archive – Episode 55
Radio Archive – Episode 56
Radio Archive – Episode 74
Radio Archive – Episode 76
Radio Archive – Episode 77
Radio Archive – Episode 81
Radio Archive – Episode 82

Unscripted and full of surprising twists and turns, the show was a refreshing change of pace from the prevailing “classic rock radio” of the day.  The duo made no effort to emulate professional radio jocks, in fact, by knowing intimate details about the music they played, Bob and Ron were light years ahead of their so-called professional peers. The authenticity of their passion for vinyl and rock music in general was infectious. However, their radio run was relatively short-lived, producing a little over 200 broadcasts before WCKG switched formats, pulling the plug on Bob and Ron’s Record Club.

Until now. The “definition of high radio” is back and they’re better than ever.


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