Prominent Frogmen

Victory CD Cover_01

Prominent Frogmen is an experimental and progressive rock recording artist based in Taipei, Taiwan, and sometime musical muse of Christian Adams.

The project was founded in 2015.

The debut sister albums, Victory Is Ours Forever, and Motorcycle Stunts Gone Horribly Wrong, were completed in May 2016 and formerly available on Soundcloud. The albums were never released; however, Adams performed a number of songs over the course of a six-month residency at a music venue in Taipei in 2017.

Motorcycle CD Cover_03
Motorcycle Stunts Gone Horribly Wrong (2016)

Like much of Adams’ previous work (Aztec Hearts, Golden Tones), the music of Prominent Frogmen covers a colorful range of eclectic sounds. Many of the songs found on the first two records are amalgamations of disparate influences, c.g. Tipsy mathcore space pop; death jenga ballad; alt-irony goth metal; Whitesnake vs. The Smiths; bastardized college not-rock; Angry Bird blooz; bobblehead ska; anti-boogie; Afro-beat daredevil rock; Frozen choogle; unreasonable folk rock; Korean taco fusion post-punk; Goth cuntry; Broadway hobo train psychedelia; bi-polar arena folk; smooth rockabilly; The Monkees vs. Allan Holdsworth; and symphonic acid rap.

As of May 2018, Adams was working on a third, as-yet-untitled recording, which he described as a “return to basics.”

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