20 More Questions with Beldone

It had been a while since we sat down for a solid jawbone with Rajah Cheech Beldone, King of the Gypsies, one of our all-time favorite pseudonymous characters hailing from Alberta, Canada. The interview questions were answered online over the course of two days. Shortly after receiving the original twenty Qs, Beldone wrote back, saying […]


20 Questions with Rajah Cheech Beldone, King of the Gypsies

Let’s get to know… Name? Rajah Cheech Beldone, King of the Gypsies. Place of origin? Technically Edmonton, Alberta, but practically a whole bunch of places. Jeez, I was just looking at the map, if you draw a line across Alberta, east to west, at Edmonton, almost anywhere south of that line I’ve spent SOME time […]