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Bill Dolan Interview Part 2

Click here to read Part 1 Guitarist Bill Dolan is one of my favorite musicians and one of the most under-rated, unsung guitar players of my lifetime. He also happens to be my friend. Twenty years ago, Bill and I – along with Ronnie Kwasman and Matthew Tucker – played in a couple of bands […]

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Guilty Pleasures and Irrational Aversions – Round 1

We’ve all got ‘em – things we dig that we shouldn’t, and things we should dig but for one reason or another, do not. Dig. There are dozens if not a hundred bands and artists I used to like which now make me cringe. Billy Idol, for example. The difference between a cringe-worthy, passing infatuation, […]


Bill Dolan Interview Part 1

For the majority of its existence, Rockford, Illinois has generally been considered one of the armpits of America. It’s a gritty industrial town near the Wisconsin border which has consistently been listed as one of the U.S.’s worst cities by polls and surveys published in major magazines, often winding up in the top ten worst […]