20 More Questions with Beldone

It had been a while since we sat down for a solid jawbone with Rajah Cheech Beldone, King of the Gypsies, one of our all-time favorite pseudonymous characters hailing from Alberta, Canada. The interview questions were answered online over the course of two days. Shortly after receiving the original twenty Qs, Beldone wrote back, saying roughly: ‘Hey man, can we change Questions 2-8? I really … Continue reading 20 More Questions with Beldone

Aztec Hearts Recording Update: Down With The Bass!

As the world and my daily routine have become increasingly compressed and transparent, I’ve been impressed by just how quickly things can be done (and in some cases, completely and irrevocably destroyed) by the Internet. Yesterday’s Gawker headlines contained no less than five stories about people who’ve either done wonderful things on the web, or have flushed their lives down the toilet by unwisely saying crazy stuff or posting pictures of themselves doing questionable shit on Facebook or Twitter.

And that’s just from the front page. There are dozens more. Click any one of those links, and well, now you know why I’m a cynical fuck when it comes to this kind of shit. But every now and then, something good happens, and it’s my duty as a human being to share that experience.

pbassWith the bulk of drums finished – one more track and a bunch of timing mistakes to fix, so basically one more session and one session beyond my proposed deadline – it was time to direct my attention to bass. Perhaps the most pressing need was finding an actual bass to play. My beloved 1978 Fender P-bass is in a storage space in S.F. At the time, I did not know anyone in Taipei who played bass (and would ostensibly let me borrow their stick for a cupla weeks). I know there are a bunch of bass players out there; I just don’t know any of them. So I went around to several local music stores and inquired about renting a bass. No dice.

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