A Musical Education

Robert Plant Didn’t Ruin It For Anybody

I used to think that Robert Plant ruined it for everybody. One could argue that rock music does not have a single, universally-beloved figure, for lack of a better term. Nobody can agree on The Beatles vs. The Rolling Stones. Some people never liked Elvis or Bob Dylan. Nickelback may be the most hated band […]

A Musical Education Christian Adams

Robert Plant Didn’t Ruin It For Anyone | Black Sunshine Media

Robert Plant Didn’t Ruin It For Anyone | An excerpt from A Musical Education: Stories in the Key of All Right Some of you may have come across this story before. It’s a true tale of meeting perhaps the biggest and most influential rock stars of all-time, Robert Plant. Click on the above link to […]

Petrology 202

Petrology 202: Mike Watt/Minutemen/fIREHOSE

Welcome to Petrology 202. We’re going to pick up where the 101 course level ended and take things in a more personal (for me) direction. Today we’ll be dealing with a musical hero I’ve actually met, Mike Watt. Over the years I’ve been fortunate enough to meet several of my so-called rock n’ roll heroes. […]