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1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die…Or Not: 1969 – 1971

It’s a fact: What goes up doesn’t always come down. All hell broke loose in the late 60s – early 70s, and in spite of (or maybe because of) the chaos, some remarkable music was made. Equally important, we’re now seeing a phalanx of splinter genres reaching maturity: psychedelic, folk rock, country rock, heavy metal, […]


1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die…Or Not – 1967 – 1968

There’s no question about it. This is when popular music started getting really high. Now, the super-cool kids had been using recreational substances for a while. In fact, the real junkies of the crew had been down in the basement for years, shooting up and playing jazz. Anyway, right here and now is when the […]


Guilty Pleasures and Irrational Aversions – Round 2

For most of my life, I have enjoyed beer as much as it has enjoyed me. Somewhere along the line, I stopped enjoying beer. As much as I didn’t like the taste, I really didn’t like the way it made me feel: bloated and sloppy. Then beer became an aversion. Fortunately, drunks have options. So […]


The Good News: Pink Floyd is Releasing a New Record – The Bad News: Pink Floyd is Still Making Music

Here’s my beef with megalithic rock corporations like Pink Floyd. They are absolutely filthy rich, yet they continue to churn out boxed-set after redundant boxed-set with the supposed bonus of unreleased demos that nobody was supposed to hear in the first place. And that’s exactly what the latest “new” Pink Floyd scam is all about. […]