A Musical Education: Stories in the Key of All Right

Stories 2 CoverA Musical Education: Stories in the Key of All Right is the second work of non-fiction by Christian Adams and the first to be published by Black Sunshine Media. The eBook includes over 100 photographs and is available from Barnes & Noble and Amazon Kindle.

A Musical Education is an amorous and gritty collection of 11 stories based (in some cases, loosely) upon the author’s experiences both within and without music. More than half of the stories have been published previously on BSM and are available for free (click on linked titles).

“Fourteen Thousand Screaming Japanese Girls Can’t Be Wrong”

cheaptrickChristmas 1978: A budding young drummer at age 10, the author trades his complete-ist collection of Kiss records and merchandise for two albums that would change and shape the direction of his life forever: Cheap Trick’s At Budokan and Heaven Tonight.

“Nothing Left But Faith”

faithcoverAdams drops a lot of LSD and winds up dropping out of college, but not before taking several amazing journeys which include sleeping on the beach in Fort Lauderdale, hitch-hiking, a single-engine Cessna, and drug deals gone horribly wrong.

“It Was Twenty Years Ago Today…More or Less”

sc00bf16e9Now in his early 20s, the author is the front man for a local rock band which has set up shop in a ranch-style house in Darien, IL. Not exactly known for his good judgement, Adams frequently finds himself on the wrong end of the law, losing his driver’s license and spending a few hours in the DuPage County Jail.

“Rock Over London, Rock On Wesley Willis”

wesley-willisIn the mid-90s, Adams wrote for several Chicago music magazines, and in the process met some incredibly talented and interesting figures, like his late friend, Wesley Willis.

“Rock at 34”

hmsgroup1After moving to San Francisco in 1999, Adams formed a new band, Henry Miller Sextet, and contemplates the last decade of rock n’ roll extravagance – particularly his own.

“Monkey Steals the Peach, No Blame”

BOCThe author wanders into his old local “shithole” after having moved away and has a rambling, booze and drug-fueled evening with his friend the bartender and two regulars.

“Robert Plant Didn’t Ruin It For Anyone”

Robert Plant Didn't Ruin It For AnyoneTo support himself in S.F., Adams waited tables at a high-end restaurant, where he met many famous people, including one of the greatest rock stars of all-time, Robert Plant.

“One Night in Bangkok”

BangkokA line from the Murray Head song, “One Night in Bangkok” goes: You can’t be too careful with your company. Adams probably should have bought that Murray Head record and really listened to it back in 1985 when it came out.

“Does a Man Really Need a Maid?”

Neil YoungAlthough against his wishes and out of his control, the author has a housemaid – or rather a series of housemaids. The title is inspired by the Neil Young song “A Man Needs a Maid”.

“Flying High (Again)”

BlizzardTwo things the author did a lot of over the years was travel and drugs. In this story, he combines the two and almost winds up in Federal prison, if not for the nonchalance of a young TSA agent.

“Rock at 44”

It’s all over for him now – or is it? Adams looks back, back, back…and winds up seeing into the future.


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