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Golden Tones Are Back! Two Major Announcements

One of the most underrated and unappreciated independent progressive rock bands of the late 1990s is back on the scene with two exciting developments for old fans and future fans alike. The Portable Thruster and Hyperspace Companion Kit is Now Available Online For the first time, Golden Tones‘ legendary debut album, The Portable Thruster and […]

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25 Songs About Going Down to Mexico

There are few things more quintessentially American than the concept of “going down to Mexico”.

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Singing (Karaoke) in the Rain

A wise man once told me, “Nothing good ever happens if you stay in one place. You gotta keep moving.” In December 2018, I very quietly resigned from my position as writer and editor of a publishing house in Taipei, Taiwan, following over a decade of service. Meanwhile, despite having gained permanent residency on the […]

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Van Halen’s Top 10 Under-Appreciated Songs

At this point in life, I don’t begrudge anybody’s appreciation of the Sammy Hagar-era albums. I don’t even care if you happen to love Van Halen III featuring Gary Cherone. Just don’t confuse that music with the true genius of Van Halen and The First Six Albums – which I’ll get to in a minute. […]

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Taxicab Mandarin: How to Navigate Your Way through China | Listen & Learn USA

Source: Taxicab Mandarin: How to Navigate Your Way through China | Listen & Learn USA

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Three Relatively Obvious and Simple Ways to Improve Your Writing Right Now

  Three Relatively Obvious and Simple Ways to Improve Your Writing Right Now The following three ways of improving your writing are obvious and simple yet seldom discussed in the writing forums because they’re obvious and simple. But it wouldn’t hurt for all of us to revisit them right now. 1. READ YOUR SHIT OUT […]

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Freelancer’s Delight: Top 10 Questions You’ll Be Asked in China, and How to Respond in Mandarin

Freelance writing is by far the most variable, infuriating, and futile work I’ve done in my life…so far. Have you seen my resume of dead-end jobs? It’s pretty impressive. Barback, barista, bartender, busboy, carpenter’s apprentice, delivery driver, doorman, dishwasher, entertainer, ESL teacher, file clerk, food runner, garde manger, general construction laborer, general manager of small […]

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Robert Plant Didn’t Ruin It For Anybody

I used to think that Robert Plant ruined it for everybody. One could argue that rock music does not have a single, universally-beloved figure, for lack of a better term. Nobody can agree on The Beatles vs. The Rolling Stones. Some people never liked Elvis or Bob Dylan. Nickelback may be the most hated band […]


Let the Drummer Have Some!

Drummers are the foundation of modern rock music, but let’s face it; a good drummer rarely if ever carries a middling band. Televised network “talent” shows never feature standalone drummers because (almost) nobody wants to hear two minutes of drums and nothing but drums. Neil Peart wouldn’t make it past the second round of American […]

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Bill Dolan Interview Part 2

Click here to read Part 1 Guitarist Bill Dolan is one of my favorite musicians and one of the most under-rated, unsung guitar players of my lifetime. He also happens to be my friend. Twenty years ago, Bill and I – along with Ronnie Kwasman and Matthew Tucker – played in a couple of bands […]