Only in Taiwan – Episode 6: Seven Years a Laowai

It was seven years ago this week that I arrived in Taipei with a Lonely Planet Mandarin phrasebook, a suitcase and a laptop. The only people I “knew” in town were my former landlord’s parents, whom I’d met several times during their visits to San Francisco. They were super nice people, but the language barrier prevented us from communicating without an interpreter; I had their … Continue reading Only in Taiwan – Episode 6: Seven Years a Laowai

Hot n’ Fresh

Here’s what we have cookin’ –  to be served up in the near future. Audio As Bob of Bob and Ron’s Record Club wrote, “Everybody at some time looks at their [record collections] and says, ‘I don’t know what to play, I don’t want to listen to any of it.’” That’s no longer a problem, as Bob and Ron are never short of ideas; their … Continue reading Hot n’ Fresh

The Lazy Bastard Guide to Mandarin/Talking Taiwan Interview

Author Christian Adams sits down with “Talking Taiwan” host Rick Monday for a ten-minute discussion about Christian’s first book published by The International Scholar, The Lazy Bastard Guide to Mandarin: An Abridged Corpus of Axioms, Vocabulary and Purported Meanings, available in ebook format on Amazon Kindle (ASIN: B00AAJS2JC) and Vook (ISBN:9780393318838) Continue reading The Lazy Bastard Guide to Mandarin/Talking Taiwan Interview

Audio Resuscitation

In anticipation of some truly exciting developments looming on the horizon, it’s time to pump some life into the Audio Division.

We are pleased to announce Audio Resuscitation, a new series of Soundcloud audio tracks pulled from the archives of all current BSM recording artists. The majority of featured tracks will be previously unreleased rarities including personal home demos, outtakes, practice tapes, and obscure cover songs, plus details of pedigree, circumstance, and anecdotal reference from the artists.

To kick things off, here are three tracks from Christian Adams’ 2000 Demos, the title itself a play on the year it was recorded, and a mild exaggeration of Christian’s demo catalog. Only 10 copies of the CD with original artwork were printed and passed out to friends; it is uncertain if any copies still exist.

“I’m High” – During the mid-90s there was a club on the north side of Chicago called Delilah’s where I would occasionally score dope from a guy who looked like Elvis. That’s the first verse: ‘A slow death in fives/The fix is inline/It’s on at Delilah’s tonight.’ A five was one mini-Ziploc of 50mgs, so for a quarter gram you’d say “Five on five” or “five” and get a bundle of five baggies. So that’s where most of the lyrics came from; basically cribbed from memories of being really high at Delilah’s. The place was always full of freaks and I mean that in a good way. None of my friends knew I’d been dabbling in heroin, and none of them hung out at Delilah’s on a regular basis. Then I left Chicago and moved to S.F., where I started secretly using again, hence, the inspiration for the music itself. While the song was definitely written under the influence, I’m pretty sure I couldn’t have pulled this off if I were nodding out.

Continue reading “Audio Resuscitation”

Only in Taiwan, Special Lazy Bastard Edition

If you’ve ever seen someone go from hero to zero, you know that the fall from grace does not always come with a warning signal or a flashing red light. And it’s really hard to have a hero in a place like Taiwan. So many people I know, myself included, have vested interests and agendas that restrict our capacity for compassion as well as courage. … Continue reading Only in Taiwan, Special Lazy Bastard Edition