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Bob and Ron’s Record Club – Episode 48

Logo 1One of the many great things about Bob and Ron’s Record Club is their casual intimacy with both the music and the listener. And they readily admit at the beginning of Episode 48, the Record Club experience is like being “trapped in a room” with Bob and Ron while they play their records. Having been an adjunct member of the Record Club since the early 90s, I can attest that their radio program is exactly like hanging out with them, listening to The Turtles, and lighting up. The only thing missing from the radio version are ashtrays, beers, and of course, on-air bong hits. But make no mistake; Bob and Ron are about as high as two radio guys can get. Seriously. And they will definitely turn you on to what they’re holding.
Mighty Baby's 1969 debut album on Head Records
Mighty Baby’s 1969 debut album on Head Records

Episode 48 continues in the blazing tradition of the Record Club, featuring hidden gems and deep cuts from Procol Harum, Blossom Toes, Funkadelic, Bonzo Dog Band, The Pretty Things, and many many more. Tune in and drop out, sooner than later.

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