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Bob and Ron’s Record Club Radio Archive – Episode 82

Ike and TinaAt this point in the game, Bob and Ron have absolutely found their groove (pun intended), and you can not only see it in their choice of cuts but hear it in the on-air dialogue. Episode 82 has a couple of sub-themes running; it’s the end of summer, so of course, the kids are going back to school. Bob and Ron give us some tasty Supertramp (“School”) and Jethro Tull (“Teacher”). There’s also a short thread of bands with numbers in their names (13th Floor Elevators, MC5, 10cc). Meanwhile, they fire up the BoRo 1900 and deliver a couple staples of the Record Club (Small Faces, Turtles, Tommy James) and a few curveballs along the way (Ike and Tina Turner?). Get the full episode here and check Bob and Ron’s Radio Archive for past episodes.

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